Response #1:

I'm poor and I still pay my guy to mow my lawn.

Response #2:

Jesus was poor and the twelve disciples still got paid. When Jesus multiplied that bread and fish you knew Judas was selling that shit.

Response #3:

Well, my barber has given a few jobs but he doesn't have a fucking yacht either.

Response #4:

Yeah, from someone who was willing to give me his/her job picking tomatoes from a rich guy - because he doesn't pay jack shit.

Response #5:

Yeah, from someone who wants to trade her job with me at McDonald's because they don't pay her jack shit to make Big Macs.

Not-as-funny-but-pointed Response #6:

Actually, yeah. Ask any small farmer today. They're poor employers by today's standards.

Where the stupid question originated:

It was based on a quote that goes all the way back to Ronald Reagan during his presidency when he famously said: "No poor man ever gave me a job."

Since then, every conservative media pundit has used it to some extent and has now turned it into a loaded question. Conservatives love this because it quickly bolsters their argument that rich people are needed in society and poor people are mostly generalized as lazy but capable and are somehow playing under the same rules as the rich - when they are not.

That's a whole different topic altogether.